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FHD Nampa TV 200GANA-2004 Maji Friend, First Shot. 1276 Resisting while being swept


uploaded 2019/3/20







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When I look for girls in Shinjuku, it seems that the east exit or the southern exit neighborhood that seems to be easy to meet is like an iron plate but I try to hang out dare (?) West entrance. Then I discovered a woman who seems to be hungry for a man. Try calling out and talking about gossiping from now. You see, he is hungry for a man. I listen to my occupation as a nurse. Look, I'm desperate with absolutely busy work and stress. Because I can not afford to overlook such a girl almost erotic, I will carry on to the hotel without a doubt that there is no time to go to Gokon. Although it seems erotic, but there is no sefure, any boyfriend who has been with me until now has continued for nearly a year, the relationship between men is unexpectedly serious Yuka, seriously riding on the erotic story Somewhat overwhelmingly take care of the time and trying to return home . And there's a notice to her smartphone. Gokon which originally was supposed to do in 4 × 4, male is one cantan. Ms. Yuka has not arrived yet on the ladies side, and the numbers are right and it seems to be getting excited with the members who are now. The feeling that she could go away receiving that contact feeling. You did it. Absolutely okay to go get on with it because it's fun going to be fun. Mr. Yuuka is becoming desperate despised, but as usual there seems to be resistance, gradually it gets annoying voice .... 新宿で女の子探すってなると、待ち合わせにしやすそうな東口とか東南口辺りが鉄板って感じしそうだけど敢えての(?)西口をぶらついてみる。そしたらなんか男に飢えてそうな女を発見。声を掛けてみたらこれから合コンとのこと。ほらやっぱり男に飢えてる。職業を聞いてみたら看護師。ほら絶対仕事の忙しさとかストレスで欲求溜まってる。そんなエロほぼ確女を見過ごすわけにはいかないので、合コンまで時間がないのもお構いなしにホテルへ連行~。エロそうだけどセフレはおらず、今まで付き合ってきたどの彼氏とも一年近くは続いた、と男性関係は意外と真面目なゆうかさん、エロい話にそこそこノリ良く乗っかってくれるもしっかり時間を気にし帰ろうとする。と、そこで彼女のスマホに通知が。元々4×4でやるはずだった合コン、男性が一人ドタキャン。女性側もゆうかさんがまだ到着しておらずちょうど数が合い、今いるメンバーで盛り上がってきているそう。その連絡を受けて彼女も行く気が失せた感。やったね。絶対合コン行くよか楽しいからエッチな撮影しましょしましょ。半ば自棄になってるのかゆうかさんも、相変わらず抵抗ありそうながら次第にいやらしい声を出すようになり…。

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