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Tokyo-Hot n0539 Yuki Takaoka Endless cum shot


uploaded 9/14/2018







Yuki Takaoka


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Takaoka Yuki who is intellectual and adorable is outstanding and more beautiful milk. It is surprising that there was such a perfect woman. Moreover, the secretary which can do the job preeminently. Why do not you like a woman who has no such passion? Just thinking makes me endure juice. Furthermore, if you injected semen that you put in a squalor that sucked a cock inside the mouth and forcibly injected into the womb .... Just imagining it seems to ejaculate but what Toyota carried out even more extreme things. I do not believe that it is too shocking that pussy that was less experienced and beautiful will quickly become ugly! Yuki has no choice but to follow him. Director who is the direct supervisor is also one who is aiming at Yuki. One day, Yuki is called by the director and is given a great job of acting as a representative of a delegate. The director who wants to make Yuki a thing suddenly begins to touch the body with the excuse to teach the way of entertainment. Although it is Yuki who resists, it is told that it is part of work and it is deep kissed. In addition, panties are removed from standing back style and the pussy is fully opened. To be forcibly done. Then I fingered in open leg pose and I feel a loud pant. And it was violently stirred and fained. It gets caught. From the pussy the whitish muddiness jets out. Although it is an office to put out serious soup it must be a considerable skirt against the appearance. 知的で容姿端麗な高岡由紀はスタイル抜群でおまけに美乳。こんな完璧な女がいたとは驚きです。しかも仕事が抜群に出来る秘書。こんな非の打ち所が無い女を好き放題にハメまくったら…。考えただけで我慢汁が出てきます。さらに口内にチンポをぶち込みしゃぶらせた挙句溜めに溜めたザーメンを子宮に無理矢理注入したら…。想像しただけで射精しそうになりますが何と東熱がもっと過激な事まで実行しちゃいました。経験少なく綺麗だったマンコがあっという間に醜くなるなんて!衝撃的過ぎて信じられません! 由紀には言い寄る男が後を絶たない。直属の上司である部長も由紀を狙っているひとりだ。ある日由紀は部長に呼び出され代議士の接待という大きな仕事を任される。由紀をモノにしたい部長は接待のやり方を教えるという口実で急に身体に触り始める。抵抗する由紀だが仕事の一環だと言われディープキスされる。さらに立ちバックスタイルでパンティを脱がされオマンコ全開。無理矢理クンニされる。続いて開脚ポーズで指マンされ大声で喘ぎ感じまくる。そして激しく掻き回され悶絶。イッてしまう。オマンコからは白濁した愛液が噴出。オフィスなのに本気汁まで出すとは見た目とは裏腹に相当なスケベに違いない。

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